two-beer lunch

Dear Abbey,

(and by "Abbey" I mean "Whoever's reading this" and by "Dear" I mean "Hey, you"),

As you know Sam, Naomi, and Blaisey are in PA with Maga and Pappap. Just after traci finished teaching her class today (around 12:17 p.m.), she got a voice mail from them and their cousins, singing "Happy Birthday" to her. All of which reminded me quickly to make plans for her birthday, so I said, "Where do you want to go for lunch?"

She said, "I don't know, surprise me."

I said, "What would surprise you the most."

She said, "J!"

I "acted" dumb for a little while and we went to Mellow Mushroom for a two-beer lunch, which is why I'm writing today. I ordered the 10" The Ceasar!, which has "Olive Oil and Garlic base with Pesto Chicken, Provolone, Mozarella and Feta Cheeses, topped with a fresh Ceasar Salad and Roma Tomatoes" (taken from the above link) served with a delicious Ceasar dressing that I think is made in house, but I'm not sure. She got the humus, as we all know is mooshed up chick peas.

As for the two beers, traci had a couple of Wildflowers (a local Heffe) with an orange slice in each.

I on the other hand had three beers for the "two-beer lunch." I started off with a Blue Point Hoptical Illusion. Then I had two Foothills Hoppyums. And of course a Dogfish 90 Minute IPA to finish off the meal. My question to you all is: at what point does a pizza become a salad and vice versa?

Dieting Or Pigging-Out in Greensboro

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